As soon as a business owner chooses to sell their business or to go into retirement there are usually the same questions that come up. The best idea to find answers to these questions to look in an FAQ section. You can do this by looking on a business directory. However, you should remember all businesses are unique and therefore all their sales are different. It is important that before you start the selling process that you ask yourself some questions.

 So you think you are ready to sell?

It might make perfect and sound financial sense to sell you business but are you emotionally ready for it? You should be asking yourself many important questions. What are you going to do with yourself after you sell? Will you have seller’s remorse after you sell?

You might not feel remorse if you are burnt out, not able to invest in growth or you do not have the skills need to improve the business and take it to another level.

 Are you able to sell the business?

It could be possible that you own a that is attractive to potential buyer. You might have a great record for profitability, advantages in competitiveness and many long term contracts. Why and how is your business marketable? You need to think about how desirable your location is and if your company has any long-term growth possibilities. Do you have a sales pitch for your business it is important to have one.

 What is the value of your business?

Most owners do not have a clue of the value of their business. If you have questions about the value of your business you can look at a business valuation calculation that can be found in the FAQ section. You should make sure you have the correct formula. This is the only aspect of selling a business that is very ambiguous. There isn’t anything else as important as pricing you business correctly. However don’t take this to mean you must price your business low. But it should be a reflection of the financial health of the business.[one_half last=”no”]…[/one_half]