When buying or selling an online business it is important to keep many things in mind. You might not be able to use all of the tips in all situations however if you use a business broker or even if you don’t you will need to look at some of these valuable tips.

  1. Don’t buy or invest in a company you are not familiar with or whose industry is not familiar to you. You do not need to know everything about a company however you should find some sort of training so that you better understand the business. You should understand the basics of the business the challenges that could be in the future.
  2. Knowing and understanding the small business you want to buy is important and even more so if it is a seasonal business. It is imperative that you understand all of the aspects of operating the business and managing it all year through.
  3. Set a top price before you buy a business. Keep this number in your head. It must be a number that you can afford and also that the business is legitimately worth it. Walk away from a business if the price is not right.
  4. If you are planning to buy a business that has debts or tax liabilities you should think again. There are always ways to buy the assets of a small business leaving behind the liabilities.
  5. Look at different financing types and know that there is also a seller assisted option. If you are in debt to the seller, they might have some incentive to help you succeed. It will also give you a bargaining chip especially if there are any disputes.
  6. The net cash flow of the seller might be more than yours because they are not carrying the debt you are incurring to purchases the business. The seller might also have more experience and will make less errors and run the business more efficiently than you can.
  7. For warranty expenses many small business do not have reserve cash. Therefore it is important that the cost of warranty problems is resolved before you purchase the business. When purchasing shares of a business you are buying all warranty liability costs as well as claims during the period that you are buying the business.
  8. If the business you are buying is service-oriented you need to remember that you are buying a business whose assets is people. This is dangerous because it is never 100% sure that the people will continue to use the business after a management change. Therefore before you buy this kind of business you need to do your homework on the market for people you could employ.
  9. When you have finally found a business that you want to buy and you have come to an agreement with the seller on the large terms of the deal someone must draft the papers. This can be done by the buyer or seller. Usually the party that drafts the agreement gets more of what they want. The lawyer that you hire can add clauses to protect you as the buyer.
  10. Every business has some negative aspects. The sellers usually disclose the positive however it is a challenge to learn the negatives. This can require you to do some investigating, never enter into an agreement until you know what they are.

It doesn’t matter what type of business you are buying make sure you keep these tips in mind.