Our Process

Learn our process, how we successfully buy and sell online businesses all over the world.
Successful sale of your company

Website Broker of E-Businesses

BizBroker24 is a leading Website Broker firm specializing in online business sales. We’ve sold more websites than anyone else in the World. We are the most established website broker for selling digital properties for over 9 years.


  • #1. Our Mission
  • #2. Contact us right now
  • #3. Review Financials and Business Plan
  • #4. Determine Value
  • #5. Packaging and Marketing the Business
  • #6. Confidentiality, Discretion and Privacy
  • #7. Buyer Pre-Screening
  • #8. Acquisition Proposal & Letter of Intent (LOI)
  • #9. Negotiations Between Buyer and Seller
  • #10. Closing
#1. Our Mission
Our mission is clear: to sell your business confidentially, quickly and for the maximum money.
#2. Contact us right now
Give us a call or send us an email, during a no-cost, no-obligation introductory consultation by Email, Phone, Skype, etc., we’ll talk with you to learn more about your business and its unique attributes.
#3. Review Financials and Business Plan
We will review your company’s financials and recast them to determine owner’s discretionary cash flow.
#4. Determine Value
We will evaluate the business using different techniques, determine the appropriate deal structure, research industry comparables and determine a recommended selling price.
#5. Packaging and Marketing the Business
Once you’ve engaged with BizBroker24, we’ll get to work packaging the business for sale. We’ll use the Selling Memorandum to market your business to our own network of thousands of potential buyers in many different ways.
#6. Confidentiality, Discretion and Privacy
All buyers will be required to sign our confidentiality agreement. We will also qualify the buyers in order to get a feel for their financial ability to purchase your business. Only serious and qualified buyers will ever learn that your business is for sale.
#7. Buyer Pre-Screening
We will speak with all potential buyers on your behalf, explaining your business in some detail and verifying that the buyer has the ability and desire to complete the sale.
#8. Acquisition Proposal & Letter of Intent (LOI)
When a prospective buyer decides they want to buy your business or assets, the formalization of that is typically with an “Acquisition Proposal” or “Letter of Intent” (LOI). The LOI outlines the general terms of the deal (offered purchase price, payment terms, training, support, transition period, non-compete agreements, etc.); the specifics are subject to further negotiation.
#9. Negotiations Between Buyer and Seller
We will discuss with you about the Letter of Intenet (LOI). You can decide to accept the offer, reject it, or negotiate on certain aspects of it.
#10. Closing
Closing a sale occurs when the seller and buyer agree to the conditions of the sale and the buyer makes a firm commitment to the transaction and it represent the natural ending of the sales process. Funds will be wired to accounts identified by buyer and seller once all documents and funds have been received.

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