Almost every one of us are familiar with the social web and is connected or using it to the fullest. The Social Web has become the source of everything that people needs and all the things that we check in the internet. It includes social networking sites, search engines, gaming sites, photo and video sharing sites, micro blogging, publishing sites, conversation applications, or every website that you check in the internet. Basically, the social web is the biggest marketplace for all kinds of online business.

 If you will take a look, sellers are really taking every opportunity that they have to make use of the social web to have and gain a lot of customers. Let us discuss on how buy and sell business commonly happens in different categories of the social media.

 Search Engines Website

Everything starts with the search engine websites like Google. This is where the customers look for the products that they want to buy and what could be the websites that they can use in order to purchase the said product. There is nothing that search engines couldn’t find, they will give you all the things that you are asking and searching for. It is also useful for customers to search on some of the reviews related to each product that they want to buy online. On the part of the seller, search engine websites served to be their biggest marketplace as basically it covers up and includes all kinds of social web.

 Gaming Sites

 When you first heard the things about gaming sites, you would just probably think that this is just about games, but it actually includes gaming business as well. Every item that players may need when it comes to their games is being offered by different gaming business sites, and most of the time it is connected with the game website directly. In here, the process is usually done easily as the market is not that hard to find as almost have their own accounts in the game website and can buy directly from it to be used in their game plays.

 Photo and Video sharing Sites

 In order to promote most of the businesses, sellers commonly used all the photo and video sharing sites to post up some advertisements. They are uploading photos of their products and post it to different photo sharing sites for people to check out and know the details about their business. Some of the photo sharing sites that are widely used in the market is Photobucket, Picasa and Flickr. This is also the same in video sharing sites that you can find in the internet right now which includes the world’s known video sharing site which is YouTube. Almost every product has their video review that you can find in the internet for you to view easily.

 Social Networking Sites

 Almost all people has their own social networking site that is being used that is why sellers make used of it to have a social networking site for their business in which can be checked by most buyers. This is very common especially in Facebook. Being one of the largest social networking sites right now, you can eventually find that all business has their account in this site and making used of it to have an interaction with their possible buyers and clients. They also used this for advertisement purposes.