There are a lot of factors that said to be affecting the value of your website. It includes your domain name, your monthly generated income, your current page ranking in search engine results and as well as the website traffic that you are getting. The web traffic usually refers to the number of data being sent and received by your websites from different visitors and guests that opens or looks at your site. This is usually determined with the use of the number of visitors and the number of pages that they are looking in your site.

As an owner, you can eventually regulate both incoming and outgoing traffic that is coming from your site in order to see what could the pages that are popular enough and has been making a good ranking in search engine results. You could possibly also check what could be the current trends in the market right now and if you have a certain page that is making a good number of views from a specific place or country.

Right now, web traffics are known to be one of the useful determinants of the value of website, but how could it be helpful and how does it affect the calculations of your website value. In order for you to know all the details about the web traffic, everything is provided to you below:

Web Traffic from SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is just one of the most common thing that many people has been doing in order to generate traffic to their site, but how could it possibly happen. Actually, this is very easy. Most traffic is being generated by search engines and in order to have it, doing SEO could be one of the options. When a user searched a certain generic keyword that is related to your website, eventually you may have the chance for them to view your site and got some views from it. That way, you can have the web traffic that you need.

Monitoring and Measuring Web Traffic

Web traffic are usually measured in order to check the popularity of your pages and know what could be some contents that you can also post in order to have an additional to that page. You can easily measure it with the use of web server log file. The main page is considered to be a file, as well as the images inside it. So if you have three images in one page, it will account to be four files. The pageview on the other hand are being measured when a user eventually navigated from another page within your website. Actually, there is a lot of information that can be generated from web traffic and those are the following:

  1. The accurate number of visitors

  2. The average number of page views that you can get for every visitor

  3. The average time that a visitor usually spent in your website

  4. The average time that a visitor usually spent in viewing one of your pages

  5. The usual time where your site was being viewed by a lot of people

  6. The considerable requested pages in your website

  7. The number of times that your entry pages have been requested. Entry pages refer to the first page that a viewer was able to see in your website.

  8. The number of times that your exit pages were being requested by the user.

  9. Backlinking and referrals.