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PR2!Alexa 48,000! WordPress Theme Store – 100% Automatic Business

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Property Description

This online business is a premium WordPress template store with a strong brand reputation, 100% Automatic Income and a huge customers database.
The website is a WordPress gallery website which lists premium WordPress themes. It’s used by WordPress users who are having trouble finding an appropriate WordPress design for their website.


– The domain – – Alexa rank 48,000; online since June 24, 2009.
– The complete site and the content – including the blog.
– Everything runs on WordPress, easy to manage. The whole theme store mechanism runs on DigitalAccessPass and requires little to no maintenance.

The whole store setup:
– all themes and plugins – our products,
– the store functionality.
– The plugins and themes on WordPress.org – they will continue sending traffic like they have been until now.
– The complete list of registered users (4600+).
– The complete affiliate program (with active affiliates who drive sales, plus the whole technical setup).
– Facebook page – 600+ likes
– YouTube channel – tutorial videos on how to set up the themes

How to monetize?
This is a WordPress theme store.
Bringing people in through free themes and plugins, and then converting them to paid customers, and running an affiliate program; we have actual active affiliates who drive sales every month.

What we do on our end to get people through the door is use WordPress.org and Google.

We have two free themes and one free plugin in the official WordPress directory.
They continue bringing traffic either directly to us, or first to our WordPress.org listings and then to us. The organic and direct traffic totals to 30% of our overall traffic. We have done no active SEO work. All of it is organic (so imagine the possibilities for growth).

The rest of the traffic comes from other referrals (we’ve been mentioned on multiple design and dev sites throughout the web) and from our affiliates.

There’s a total of 17 products in the store. All of them digital – WordPress themes and plugins.

The whole business runs perfectly well on the current setup. You don’t need to introduce new products if you don’t want to. You can continue running the business automatically as it is right now.

Basic Details
Asking Price : $29,000
Gross Income : $15,000
Cash Flow : $12,000
Monthly Visits : 5000
Monthly Pageviews : 16000
Alexa Rank : 48000
PageRank : 2
Established :
Domain Under : .com
Listing ID : 1073
Property Type : Internet Business
Listing Type : For Sale
Listing Setting
Traffic Details : The site gets around 250 visits every day (38,666 from Jan 12 to Jun 11, 2014). Pages / Session: 2.58 Avg. Session Duration: 00:20:19 Bounce Rate: 16.41% % New Sessions: 77.03% There are 4600+ total users and growing – people who have registered and dow
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