Our Process

Learn our process, how we successfully buy and sell online businesses all over the world.
Successful sale of your company

Mergers & Acquisitions of E-Businesses

BizBroker24 is a leading M&A firm specializing in online business sales, mergers, acquisitions and valuations for privately-owned businesses. Our transaction focus is on middle market companies that produce between $1,000,000 and $5 million in EBITDA, or digital companies with annual revenues from $5-50 million.


  • #1.Strategy
  • #2. Adjust Financials
  • #3. Business Valuation
  • #4. Business Memorandum
  • #5.Marketing Strategy
  • #6.Advertise
  • #7. Pre-screening Buyers
  • #8. Offer
  • #9. Managing the Due Diligence Process
  • #10. Closing

The first step to selling any business begins with preparation. With our decades of experience helping sell hundreds of businesses, we can provide you with unbiased advice that will greatly improve the chances of a successful sale.

#2. Adjust Financials

We must establish a price for your business before we begin the sale process. Financial statements are the basis of all business valuations.

#3. Business Valuation

Our professional team have advised hundreds of business owners on business valuations and saleability guiding our clients through all stages of the sale process. We assist our clients in analyzing offers, structuring the transaction, and developing the preferred negotiating strategy.

#4. Business Memorandum

BizBroker24 will prepare an outline Sales Memorandum showing the history, strengths and profile of your business without identifying your company.

#5.Marketing Strategy

This is our plan of action, starting with the preparation of the Sales Memorandum, appraising the business, researching and identifying the prospective purchasers.


After we have prepared your company for sale and determined the selling price, then we begin to confidentially market your business for sale using a custom strategy.

#7. Pre-screening Buyers
BizBroker24 pre-screening Buyers to Ensure they are Qualified Before Presenting them Information on Your Business.
#8. Offer
We are the experts in handling your negotiations. We will work to get you the best possible deal.
#9. Managing the Due Diligence Process

When the transaction is in progress, we lead the negotiations, providing a focal point for all communication. We work alongside you as active participants, or simply provide behind-the-scenes advice on the deal as it progresses.

#10. Closing
We are specialist in the sale of online businesses, focusing on maximising the price achieved for your business quickly, easily, confidentially and for the maximum value.

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